Adepticon 2014 Gunslinger Brawl Recap

First Place: Scott Whitebread (Warrior Nation)
Second Place: Andrew McKinney (Warrior Nation)
Third Place: Dan Rains (Outlaws)
Best Painted: Kenny McDevitt (Warrior Nation)
Best Sportsmanship: Clayton Conduff (Lawmen)

Round 1

Scott Whitebread (Warrior Nation) vs. Dan Rains (Outlaws)
Andrew McKinney (Warrior Nation) vs Colin Sankey (Lawmen)
Kenny McDevitt (Warrior Nation) vs Clay Beitel (Enlightened)
Tom Kenny (Lawmen) vs Donte Nickens (Union)
Clayton Conduff (Lawmen) vs Bill Anderson (Warrior Nation)
Paul Plunge (Enlightened) vs Rich Grady (Union)
Dave Lamers (Lawmen) vs Matt McCormick (Lawmen)

Round 2

Scott Whitebread (Warrior Nation) vs Paul Plunge (Enlightened)
Andrew McKinney (Warrior Nation) vs Tom Kenny (Lawmen)
Dan Rains (Outlaws) vs Colin Sankey (Lawmen)
Kenny McDevitt (Warrior Nation) vs Clayton Conduff (Lawmen)
Donte Nickens (Union) vs Dave Lamers (Lawmen)
Clay Beitel (Enlightened) vs Bill Anderson (Warrior Nation)
Matt McCormick (Lawmen) vs Rich Grady (Union)

Round 3

Scott Whitebread (Warrior Nation) vs Andrew McKinney (Warrior Nation)
Dan Rains (Outlaws) vs Kenny McDevitt (Warrior Nation)
Clay Beitel (Enlightened) vs Tom Kenny (Lawmen)
Donte Nickens (Union) vs Paul Plunge (Enlightened)
Clayton Conduff (Lawmen) vs Matt McCormick (Lawmen)
Colin Sankey (Lawmen) vs Rich Grady (Union)
Bill Anderson (Warrior Nation) vs Dave Lamers (Lawmen)

WWX Gunslinger Patches Preview

Here’s a sneak peek at the first set of Gunslinger Patches we’re doing for Organized Play Support. These will debut at Adepticon 2014, and Deputies and Stores will be able to purchase these Patches as part of a Tournament Prize Support kit soon! Enjoy!

Gunslinger Participant Patch

Participant Patch on an Outlaw Bag

Gunslinger Revolver ‘Prestige’ Patch

Gunslinger Prestige Patch with Placement Patches (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Prestige Patch on an Outlaw Bag (with a Deputy Patch)


Wild West Exodus Organized Play

Wild West Exodus Gunslinger Tournament Format

Wild West Exodus FAQ/Errata Document

Wild West Exodus Scenario Packet

**Please Note that these Documents are Subject to Change. Please be aware of any changes that may occur and confirm with the Tournament Organizer on the version being used.**