Halloween Scenario 2015

Here is a fun little scenario we brewed up for you to play this Halloween or anytime of the year.

Rescuing kidnapped Trick-or-Treaters before they are reanimated by Enlightened scientists will prove difficult in Construct Costumes for Everyone

Halloween Scenario 2015

Note: Scenario does not have to be played with Enlightened.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Your Scenario Vote winner is abraxus04!

Congratulations to forum member abraxus04!  He won the first Your Scenario Vote with his scenario: Stealing the Infernal Contraption

Play his winning scenario and steal that infernal contraption!

Stealing the Infernal Contraption By abraxus04

This will be a monthly poll on the forums and winners will have their scenarios published in the newsletter and on the forum.  If you a have a scenario idea, get to the forums and submit it!

New Gunslinger Scenarios for 2015

2015 Scenarios are up! These will be used for all Official Wild West Exodus Tournaments.

Brawls and Scraps will use randomly assigned Scenarios for each round.
Every Round of Brawl of Legends will be played on Domination.


Gunslinger Tournament Rules


Gunslinger Player Form


Unfinished Business Kickstarter

UBKS Ban 3Kickstarter Coming March 01, 2015!

Delve deeper into the world of Wild West Exodus by bringing to life the final four factions of the game during the Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business Kickstarter. See the cunning strategies of the Confederate Rebellion deceive and punish their opponents. Witness the RJ-1027 twisted vision of the Dark Nation corrupt the power of the Great Spirit. Fight for land and gold alongside the living legend Ponce deLeon and the Golden Army. Destroy anything and everything through the advanced technology of the Watchers.

Thanks to our customers and backers over the last two years who have helped us grow and evolve as a company, we have had so much positive feedback that has led us to bring this to you!

We look forward to the awesome things we can come up with together!

F.R. Caym, Upcoming Enlightened Boss

F.R. Caym

Point Cost: 210
Small Base
2“ Halo
Lifeblood: 22

Q: 5
AP: 3
M: 4+
PA: 5+
S: 2
A: 2
C: 2+
I: 4

Ranged Weapon 1:
Atomic Slug Launcher x2, 1 Hand Ranged
Range: 24″
Power: 9
ROF: 2
Special Rules: Blast 3″, Irradiate, RJ-1027

Thrown Weapon 1:
Cursed Dagger, 1 Hand Thrown
Range: 6″
Power: 7
ROF: 1
Special Rules: Infected Blade

Melee Weapon 1:
Cursed Dagger  x1, 1 Hand Melee
Range: 2″
Power: 7
ROF: 1
Special Rules: Infected Blade

Melee Weapon 2:
Iron Fist  x2, 1 Hand Melee
Range: 0.5″
Power: 10
ROF: 1
Special Rules: Stun

Legendary Abe Lincoln

Legendary Abe Lincoln

Cost: $400
Medium Base
3″ Halo
Lifeblood: 25
Q: 6
AP: 4
M: 4+
PA: 3+
S: 3
A: 3
C: 1+
I: 5

Ranged Weapon 1:
William’s Oath Shotgun, 2 Hand Template
Range: Large Template
Power: 12
ROF: 1
Special Rules: Fire

Ranged Weapon 2:
Ion Derringer, 1 Hand Ranged
Range: 12″
Power: 10
ROF: 2
Special Rules: Interference, RJ-1027

Melee Weapon 1:
William’s Oath Axe, 2 Hand Melee
Range: 3″
Power: 13
ROF: 1
Special Rules: Decapitation, Spirit Edge


Scenario 3: Power Play


Scenario 3: Power Play

Deployment: Both players deploy their posse within 10″ of a long table edge. Players roll off using D10s, and the player with the higher number may choose their desired table edge and deploys their posse first.
Initiative: Turn 1 Initiative is given to the player that deploys first. All turns after the first are determined as described in the Wild West Exodus rulebook.

Primary Scenario (7):
In the center of the table, place three objectives centered 24″ up from the long edge of the table, and 18″ from each table edge and 18″ from each other. Starting on Turn 2, models may interact with these objective markers. While a model is in base-to-base with an objective, it may spend one Action Point to place an objective within 3″ of its current location. A model may only move an objective once per activation. An objective is scored as soon as leaves a Player’s back table edge of their deployment zone (Player A scores from the back edge of Player A’s deployment zone). The first objective a player scores is worth 3 points, the second objective a player scores is worth 4 points.

Secondary Scenarios (7):
‘HEAVY LIFTER’: Move the same objective 3 times with the same model (2)
‘DANGEROUS GROUND’: Kill a model in the Defender deployment zone (2)
‘NOT TODAY, JUNIOR!’: Kill a model controlling an Objective (1)
‘REMOVE THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE’: Kill the Enemy Boss (1)
‘THE EVERLASTING’: Have your Boss alive at the end of the game (1)
**Each Secondary Scenario point amount can only be scored once per game.**

Annihilation (7): Scored as normal.