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Unfinished Business Kickstarter

UBKS Ban 3Kickstarter Coming March 01, 2015!

Delve deeper into the world of Wild West Exodus by bringing to life the final four factions of the game during the Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business Kickstarter. See the cunning strategies of the Confederate Rebellion deceive and punish their opponents. Witness the RJ-1027 twisted vision of the Dark Nation corrupt the power of the Great Spirit. Fight for land and gold alongside the living legend Ponce deLeon and the Golden Army. Destroy anything and everything through the advanced technology of the Watchers.

Thanks to our customers and backers over the last two years who have helped us grow and evolve as a company, we have had so much positive feedback that has led us to bring this to you!

We look forward to the awesome things we can come up with together!