Deputy Program


Outlaw Miniatures Wild West Exodus Deputy Program

What are the Deputies?

The Outlaw Miniatures Deputy Program is a unique volunteer program for leaders in local gaming communities. Deputies take on the role of developing and managing organized play opportunities for the miniature skirmish game Wild West Exodus. A Deputy is an influential member of a community that is driven to help create a thriving, healthy, safe and fun atmosphere for playing Wild West Exodus. A member of the Deputy Program will be sponsored by an entity that will verify their participation in the program and will aid the Deputy in coordinating demos, leagues and tournaments. The sponsoring entity must be a verifiable organization such as a local game store or similar.

What does it take to be a Deputy?

• Excitement and Motivation to spread the game of Wild West Exodus

• Two $1250 Dollar Posses (army size) painted and based to use in demos (must be two separate factions)

• A completed Deputy application

• An endorsement from an area store (Owner/Manager name, Store Name, Store Address, Store Phone Number)

**You must be 18 years old or older to be a Deputy**

After you apply to become a Deputy, we will make a decision based upon the application you sent us as well as the feedback we receive from your references. Some applications may not be accepted because of the following reasons:

Too many other Active Deputies in your area. We can only support having so many Deputies in your local area, and depending on the size of your area and the amount of stores, it may be unreasonable to have another Deputy in that area.

Employment status with a game store or with another game company could make you ineligible. We prefer Deputies to have a level of neutrality for promotion of the game, especially in regards to going to different stores and events promoting Wild West Exodus.

Lack of information on your application could also make you ineligible. We will email you back if we are missing anything to give you a chance to correct mistakes.

Do you accept International Deputies?

Yes! We accept Deputies from all countries and nationalities as long as you meet the specified criteria.

The Deputy Program is an exciting way to be a part of the evolving world of Wild West Exodus. The Deputies will be involved in local/regional/national/international events and leagues organizing and having a great time! As a member of the program, you will earn rewards and bonuses based upon involvement, as well as unique opportunities given to you by the Outlaw Miniatures development team.

We ask that all Deputies make themselves available as volunteers for major events like GenCon, TempleCon, Adepticon, or similar events. In many cases we will not need assistance with these types of events but Deputies are encouraged to contact us if they are attending such events and are willing to help set up booths or run events at these type of conventions.

Thank you for your interest in the Outlaw Miniatures Deputy Program, and we look forward to your application!