Deputy Program Rewards

Demo: 1 Deputy Point
Weekly Game Night: 5 Deputy Points per Open Gaming Night (can not combine with League Night)
League Game Night: 10 Deputy Points per League Night (up to 6 Nights per league)
Tournament: 20 Deputy Points per Tournament (4 Hour Min.)
National Tournament: 100 Deputy Points per day of Tournament (6 Hour Min. similar to Adepticon, TempleCon, etc.)

As soon as we receive confirmation that you’ve earned at least 20 Deputy Points, we will send you your Official Deputy Program kit.

This will include:
               Deputy Badge Patch
               $25 WWX Store Credit

As you earn Deputy Points, you will be able to redeem them for different rewards.
30 Deputy Points = $25 Store Credit
50 Deputy Points = $50 Store Credit
100 Deputy Points = $110 Store Credit
200 Deputy Points = $250 Store Credit
500 Deputy Points = Create Your Own Model & 10 Copies of Created Model ($2000 Value, not redeemable for Cash or Store Credit)

We may open up other limited release rewards over time as well, such as cool Shirts, Limited Release Models/Cards, Accessories and other cool swag.